Preschool Program

A preschool age child is developing a strong sense of self and is learning to become a socially competent being. Relationships between children begin to take on a new meaning as friendships and play groups form. Language becomes a tool for negotiation and communication. The intensity of play is more pronounced as ideas are formed in well-developed plans. Social and emotional growth is the underlying goal of the Preschool program.

The CDL offers both a Part-Day and Full-Day Preschool program. Both programs have two professional teachers and student staff who support and encourage children as they actively explore their environment, solve problems that have meaning for them, and work cooperatively with others. Utilizing play experiences as the foundation from which children make choices, engage in key experiences, and follow through with their ideas. When looking inside our classroom, you will see interest centers that support areas of learning including literacy, mathematical and scientific thinking, visual arts, music and socio-dramatic play. The materials are at the child’s level to encourage self direction and exploration. As children engage in these play experiences, the teachers and students support their thoughts, actions and interactions with other children by participating in their play and observing and documenting their interests and growth.

The Preschool curriculum evolves from the observations and documentation of children exploring and engaging in their environment with their peers. Understanding the key experiences preschool children need to challenge their thinking and skills, the Preschool program uses the Connecticut State Department of Education Preschool Curriculum and Assessment Frameworks and Focused Portfolios as tools to guide observations creates a unique curriculum with individual children in mind. This authentic look at each child across all areas of learning provides teachers with accurate information and supports your child’s growing interests.

As children find themselves in conflicting situations while sharing ideas about their world with other children, teachers and student staff help children find solutions by exploring their feelings about themselves and others. Conflict resolution through respectful listening and conversation helps children to better understand themselves and others in relationship to the world they are exploring. Children learn to think creatively and independently, to be open to inner feelings and emotions and to have a heightened awareness of the world.

Preschool Classroom Schedule