Frequently Asked Questions

How can I enroll my child in the Child Development Laboratories?
You must complete a Waiting List application online.  There is no charge for this application and it is the only way children are admitted to our program.

What number is my child on the Waiting List?
Due to the complex nature of our program, our waiting list is not organized in the conventional manner; therefore, there isn’t any one child that comes before another.    Our waiting list expires every February and must be resubmitted for consideration for the next school year.  A letter is sent home notifying all families to resubmit their waiting list. 

How are openings filled in the Child Labs?
If there are any openings in our classrooms after “in-house” registration, our Director fills those openings by evaluating the current make-up of the classroom in terms of several factors.  This is done to create a diverse training site for the University students studying Early Childhood Education.    

Where can I find the Waiting List?
The form can be found on this website under the Admissions tab.  The link is on the left side.  The waiting list must be submitted online.

Do you accept only UConn affiliated families?
We accept families from the surrounding community as well. 

I’m interested in your program; can I come in for a tour?
We do not offer tours until there is a position available for your child.  At that time you are invited to meet with our Director and/or Assistant, tour the center and learn more about our program.

My child is advanced for his/her age, can we place her/him in an older classroom?
State licensing requires that we meet specific age guidelines for each classroom.

What is the cost for your program?
Please refer to the Admissions tab on this website.  On the left side there is a link for “Tuition”.  After clicking on this, please read the information and then click on the hyperlink as indicated.

Does your program have any special services?
We strive to meet the individual needs of all children when possible.  We work with parents to find resources to support the development of each child.