Janice Boltseridge

As the Administrative Coordinator at the Child Labs, Janice strives to create an office that is neat, efficient and welcoming.  She is highly organized and regularly prioritizes among the immediate needs of the center and long term goals for our unit.  Janice’s flexibility and quick-thinking are often put to use as she helps problem-solve a myriad of issues ranging from contacting facilities to supporting classroom scheduling.  A life-long learner, Janice is participating in professional development to become proficient in a variety of software programs that will support the financial side of her job responsibilities.

Janice enjoys the opportunity to work with young children and appreciates the zest for life and curiosity that they come with each day.   Janice maintains the CDL library and is a favorite visitor in the classroom as she shares her love of children’s books.   She also enjoys working with UConn students and seeing their commitment to the field of Early Childhood develop over multiple semesters at the Child Labs.

In her free time, Janice is an avid reader.  She is on the Library Board in her town and is an active member of her community.  She is taking her love of books and learning into the world as she pursues involvement in adult literacy programs.  Janice also enjoys repurposing/refinishing furniture, decorating and spending time with her family.

Janice received her degree in General Studies/Human Services from UConn.