Infant Room Schedule

All children must arrive by 9:00 AM and all families must transition from the classroom by 5:30 PM for building closure.

Each week, experiences based on observations of the children are planned to provide a daily balance of the following: indoor/outdoor, active/quiet, individual/small group, gross motor/fine motor, child initiated/staff initiated. The curriculum includes play experiences based on the children’s cues that foster growth in the Personal/Social, Cognitive, Sensorimotor and Language/Communication domains. Weather permitting, children play outside every day. Diapering occurs throughout the day as needed and at regularly scheduled times. The time, number, and nature of changes are recorded as is time and amount at feedings and time and length of naps.

Younger Infants (Green or Blue room) – 6 weeks to 8 months
The schedules for young infants in the green room are individualized and will change according to each child’s needs.

The Green Room operates on a very flexible timetable geared to infants’ individual needs. Children eat and nap according to their own schedules.

All children under the age of one year shall be put to sleep on their backs.

Older Infants (Green or Blue room) – 9 months to 17 months
Arrival and Activities in the Common Room

Classroom–Snack, Diapering

Morning Activity Time

Porch, Common Room, Classrooms

Lunch, Diapering, and Transition to Nap

Nap and Individual Activities for those who are awake

Snack, Diapering as needed

Porch, Common Room, Classroom Activities

Common Room Activities, Diapering as needed