Heather Leeman

Heather Leeman is a Master Teacher in Preschool 2. She graduated from the University of Phoenix (Phoenix, AZ) with a degree in Education. She began teaching at the CDL in January 2005. Heather creates a classroom that is welcoming and exciting for preschool children. She is thoughtful about creating a classroom environment that feels homelike by adding color, texture, lighting and music. She brings her love and appreciation of art to the classroom, introducing the preschoolers to famous artists and supporting their early love of creating and enjoying art by teaching techniques used by artists in a developmentally appropriate way. Heather is excited to work with young children and share their sense of wonder of the world around them. She loves hearing the stories they share and getting a peek at the preschoolers’ unique interpretation of the world around them. She enjoys the energy that the college students bring to the preschool classroom each semester and the challenges that come with supporting preschool and adult learners. When Heather is not teaching at the CDL, she enjoys spending time with her family, listening to music, reading and spending time outdoors.