Ellen Meisterling

Ellen has been teaching at the Child Labs since January 2009. She earned her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Connecticut in Family Studies, Early Childhood Development and Education.

Ellen tries to create a classroom that is welcoming and where the babies and their families feel respected and comfortable. When Ellen enters the classroom she most looks forward to engaging with the children and interacting in shared experiences with them throughout the day. Ellen enjoys interacting with all the children one-on-one, getting to know each and every child’s very different personalities. One reason Ellen enjoys working with infants is because she is able to observe the children’s growing development, so much happens in such a short period of time. Every day is something new and different. She acknowledges there are challenges that keep her on her toes, as well as countless rewards that remind her of why she choose a career in early childhood.

Ellen enjoys working with the college students because she can share her love of children and early childhood development with others that share the same interest. Ellen spends her free time seeing live music, taking day trips, and hiking. In terms of her career in teaching young children, she is looking forward to continuing her own education through professional development and pursuing a Master’s degree in the future.