Debbie Muro

Debbie has been with us at the Child Development Labs since October of 2006 and she has offered her nurturing and respectful presence in the classroom ever since! She received her bachelor’s degree from Boston University in Art History and went on to receive her Masters in Elementary Education from the University of Connecticut. Her love of art shows in many ways, as she openly invites exploration of all mediums, from mud and sand to paint and blocks. Debbie helps children unlock the wonder and delight of the most common objects, with her own joy shining through. Debbie is dedicated in her teaching of college students and spends time guiding and instructing them to be the best they can be in the classroom. In her free time Debbie enjoys gardening, relaxing her mind and body with yoga, reading a good book and playing with her two young grandsons. Debbie looks forward to continuing to foster the Bingham Skills of Kindness, Respect, Emotions, Self-regulation and Cooperation in the classroom as well as learning different tools to help children relax, self-regulate and build the self-confidence they will need throughout their lives.