Chris Perkins

Chris is a devoted teacher who promotes independence and encourages the children to learn through hands on exploration. She looks forward to all the hugs, smooches and loving squeezes from the children. The toddler friends make her laugh each and every day. Chris loves working with children of all ages, but she thinks that, “Toddlers Rock” as they are full of energy and curiosity and excited to explore. Toddlers are continuously growing in self-help skills every day and are so proud and excited with their accomplishments. While Chris loves being with the Toddlers, she also enjoys working with the college students. Being their mentor and helping them find the love of working with young children is another rewarding aspect of being a Teacher at Child Labs. They genuinely enjoy and look forward to being with the children. Chris enjoys reading in her free time. She also loves taking her dog, Chloe, for long walks. Having two teenage children is always interesting. Playing games with her family, especially cards, is a fun and good time for all. A career in teaching young children is truly rewarding. Chris is always looking for ways to enhance her skills and provide new experiences for the children. She stays current and informed by attending conferences and reading informative articles. She develops and offers opportunities by creating new classroom spaces and rich learning environments that make the children’s faces light up with eagerness to explore, construct, and deconstruct. Chris has been at the Child Labs since 1999. She is a graduate of University of Connecticut, graduating in 1989 with a degree in Human Development and Family Relations with a concentration in Child Development and Early Childhood Education