Sabira Ramic

Sabira graduated with a bachelor of science from Charter Oak State College in Individual Studies with a concentration in Early Childhood and Economics. Sabira began working at the Child Labs in 2006 as a teacher assistant in the Infant Center. She worked with the Infants for several years and is now the assistant teacher in the Toddler Room. Sabira works to create a classroom that is pleasant and enjoyable. She wants it to be interesting for exploring and learning and have a playful atmosphere. When she enters the classroom, she looks forward to seeing happy faces and starting another adventure. Sabira enjoys working with toddlers because they are learning, growing and mastering new skills daily. She states, “Children are fun to work with and make me feel young!” Sabira enjoys working with the college students as they bring a unique ability to grow professionally. Being surrounded by the students makes her feel good. In her free time, Sabira likes to read about how to make her life better and healthier. She also enjoys taking long walks in all kinds of New England weather! In terms of her career with young children she hopes to continue to create a comfortable environment in the classroom where children can grow and learn in many different ways.