Robin Massicotte

Robin Massicotte is one of the Master teachers in the Toddler room at UCONN Child Labs. She earned her BS degree in Psychology from Eastern Connecticut State University in 2002, and her Associate Degree in Early Childhood from Three Rivers Community Collage. She has been working with children for many years in addition to working at the UCONN Child Labs since January 2004. Robin enjoys working with Toddlers for many reasons, most importantly because they are warm and provide unconditional love to the adults in their lives. They are full of hugs and snuggles and are learning language skills which bring out the most innocent and truthful comments. In addition to the rewards of working with toddlers, she appreciates working alongside with college students because it gives her the opportunity to take part in molding new/future teachers. Most days when Robin enters the classroom she looks to engaging with our Toddler friends and introduces fun and educational experiences throughout the day. In terms of her career in teaching young children, she’s looking forward to remaining aware of any new or changing strategies/techniques in Early Childhood and developing her own skills when using technology within the classroom or with the children.