Marianne Legassey

Marianne has been a teacher at the Child Labs since 2004. Starting in the Infant Center, after graduating from UConn with a degree in Child Development, she discovered a love for working with children. She then moved into teaching preschool children, earning a Master’s Degree from Eastern Connecticut State University in Early Childhood Education. She enjoys working with the preschoolers because she sees things through their eyes, understanding that everything is exciting for them and that their enthusiasm is contagious. Marianne tries to create a classroom environment that meets the needs of the children in any given moment. Whether she is generating excitement or creating calmness, she always makes the classroom inviting. She looks forward to connecting with the children and spending time with them, participating in their play and engaging in conversations. Marianne also enjoys working with college students in the classroom because they bring energy to the classroom and remind her of what it was like to be just starting out. In her free time, Marianne is active with her family. They hike, bike and swim together. When she is at home, she likes to bake and watch movies with her children. She often shares her stories with the preschool children about things she has done with her family and invites them to share their family moments with her and the other children in the classroom. On occasion, Marianne completes long-term, play-based projects with the preschool children and shares her experiences through presentations for other early childhood educators. Marianne continues to further her education and experiences by sharing information and ideas about Early Childhood Education with her colleagues, bringing thoughts, strategies and techniques that she learns from others back to the preschool classrooms.